Pre Ordering Flowers and Floral Arrangements
The importance of pre ordering fresh flowers, hand tied bouquets and floral arrangements. A hand tied bouquet is done exactly how it sounds we take flowers and different greenery and design the bouquet in ou...
How to make sure you are ordering flowers by a reputable florist (Wire Outs)
How to make sure you are ordering your flowers from a reputable florist. You can Google search a florist within a city, or town that will service the address of where you would like your flowers to be delive...
Mother's Day and Everyday Ordering
When ordering for Mother’s Day please feel free to call us at the store.  We carry a large selection of Dutch product as well as local grown products.  All bouquets are hand tied and beautifully wrapped prio...
A Heartfelt Thank You! - Flowers by Terry
Twenty-five years ago, I decided to open up a floral shop in Aurora. In March of 1997, I set about finding a suitable location. After renovations were completed, Flowers By Terry opened on April 15, 1997, at 14799 Yonge St. in Aurora.
Our Checklist To Fabulous Floral Arrangements
As expert florists, we are happy to walk you through our process of choosing appropriate flowers for any purpose. Take a look at our checklist to see how we create fabulous floral arrangements to meet your needs.
30 Wedding Arrangements For The Big Day
Flowers are a gorgeous way to customize your wedding, but the first step is figuring out exactly what you'll need (and deciding what fits into your wedding budget).
Filler Flowers for Wedding Arrangements
14 types of filler flowers that add beauty to your wedding bouquets and arrangements.
Alternative Phrases for In Lieu of Flowers
"In lieu of flowers..." continues to routinely appear in obituaries and death notices today, often due to the need for linguistic brevity because newspaper publishers charge a per-word fee. Here are some other phrases you can use.
Five Tips On How To Care For Your Phalaenopsis Orchids
Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their quite exquisite and elegant blooms. They are easy houseplants to care for and can also be used for gifting.